Enneagram 4 Alchemist Aesthete Individualist Romantic core desire, unique orange butterfly standing out from blue butterflies


General Archetypal Names: Individualist, Romantic, Aesthete, Alchemist

Core Motivational Theme: Uniqueness/Identity, Meaning/Purpose

Core Fear: having no identity/purpose, being conventional/unoriginal, 

Core Desire: to understand oneself and others, to be authentic/unique, to know the greater purpose and meaning of life

Center of Intelligence: heart/feeling

Connecting Points: 1 (gut/intrinsic), 2 (heart)

Archetypal Journey (Levels of Consciousness)

Isolated man, suffering staring out the window with raven, Edgar Allen Poe background. Enneagram 4 archetype, Tortured Soul

I am different and flawed, why can’t I be happy or have an easy life like everyone else? Why me?

Jealous artist, arms crossed with envy at art gallery. Enneagram 4 tarot archetype, Moody Bohemian.

Life is hard, but meaningful. My differences make me insecure, but they also make me feel special. I strive to be unconventional.

Conscientious Muslim man with Rumi turban I AM man sweeping. Clean your room. Enneagram 4 awakened archetype, Ordinary Mystic

I am as I AM. Without effort or comparison I am unique. I strive to be authentic, not special.

“Beg of God the removal of envy, that God may deliver you from externals, and bestow upon you an inward occupation, which will absorb you so that your attention is not drawn away.” – Rumi

Integration and Disintegration / Connecting Points

4 integration 1: indulgence → self-discipline, routine, conscientiousness. Uniqueness → specialness, idealization, empathy
4 disintegration 2: romantic idealization, empathy + pride → self-sacrifice, unlovable, insecure, savior complex.