Enneagram 5 Observer core desire to have knowledge competence and prevent overwhelm, stack of books


General Archetypal Names: Observer, Investigator, Analyst (Watch a podcast discussion on the names and themes of Type 5 here)

Core Motivational Theme: Knowledge/Competence , Energy/Resources

Core Fear: being overwhelmed, drained, lacking sufficient resources to cope with life; being useless, helpless, incompetent, incapable; lacking knowledge or skill

Core Desire: being competent, capable, knowledgeable, wise, intellectually prepared; having the right theory and understanding of life; having the tools, skills, and resources to deal/cope with life 

Center of Intelligence: head/thinking

Connecting Points: 7 (head), 8 (gut/intrinsic)

Archetypal Journey (Levels of Consciousness)

Withholding Detached Recluse woman indifferent to suffering of man hanging from cliff. Enneagram 5 tarot archetype

“We live, we die. Logically, nothing in between matters. Why does the world not recognize my brilliance?!…not that I need anything from the shallow, deluded people of the world anyway.”

Philosophical, lonely Ivory Tower Professor with book in hand looking down on couple in love. Enneagram 5 tarot archetype.

“Knowledge is power. I want to engage in the world, but I fear being overtaken by it. I’m not ready yet, my knowledge is incomplete, I need to study more.”

Zen, Buddha monk with beginner’s mind burning books of useless knowledge. Enneagram 5 enlightened tarot archetype, Wise Sage

“Eventually, all that one has learnt will have to be forgotten” – Ramana Maharshi

“This phenomena is not-self” – Buddha

Integration and Disintegration / Connecting Points

5 integration 8: knowledge, theory, stinginess, detachment to wisdom, practicality, resourcefulness. Intellectual arrogance
5 disintegration 7: incompetence, “lack” knowledge to procrastination, pseudo-work  scatteredness. Holistic synthesis