If I were asked “What Enneagram types are most likely to be divorce lawyers?” I would consider the morally purposeful and justice-orientated type 1s, the assertive 8s who like to win and take control, or perhaps the type 6s who like to use the mind to debate and defend a position

One of these options was what I was expecting when I began listening to a recent episode of Lex Fridman’s Podcast (#396) featuring divorce lawyer James Sexton on ‘Marriage, Relationships, Sex, Lies & Love.‘ And given the disheartening divorce rates in the United States (approximately 40-50% for first marriages and 60-67% for second marriages), I was expecting a rather cynical perspective.

To my surprise though, Sexton shared a very romantic, considerate, balanced, and empathic view on relationships. Early in the podcast, I found myself wondering, ‘Could this divorce lawyer actually be a Type 4?’ As the conversation continued, that guess seemed to be increasingly confirmed.

From an Enneagram typing perspective, I think that the podcast is a fascinating glimpse into an unlikely place for the often healing and intuitive 4-1 connection to show up—inside of a divorce court.

From a broader perspective, as one might guess, the podcast can be a valuable resource for wisdom on how to keep a marriage or committed relationship on the right track, from someone who’s intimately witnessed all of the ways that one can go wrong.

Listen to the podcast episode on various platforms here

Link for James Sexton’s book, How to Stay in Love, here