In my experience, Enneagram Type Ones are the most resistant to accepting their type. So, in this podcast clip, Brett and I give extra attention to determining the best archetypal name for Enneagram Type 1.

Archetypal names for Enneagram 1 include: Reformer, Perfectionist, Critic, Puritan, and Achiever.

Brett prefers “Critic,” as it describes ones both the internally (they have a strong inner critic/super ego) and externally (Ones can be hyper-focused on others’ flaws and critical of them).

I discuss the merits of “Reformer” as it speaks more to the healthy archetypal ideal that Enneagram Ones can aim for.

Brett and I both agree that a good archetypal name should reference both the healthy and shadow sides of a type.

Due to the limitations of a one-word name in encapsulating an Enneagram type, I introduce my three-tiered archetypal system to outline the unhealthy, average, and healthy archetypal iterations of a type (found here)

Topics discussed in reference to Enneagram Type One include: “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” woke culture, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi.