Enneagram Threes are commonly referred to as Achievers, Performers, and Succeeders.

Of those archetypal names, Elliot and Brett both agree that “Performer” gives the best one-name overview of Type 3. It includes both the ambitious, success-oriented inclination of Enneagram 3, as well as the adaptable, social chameleon aspect that can lead to adopting a “performing” persona to be recognized and valued.

Also discussed is the passion (vice) of Enneagram 3 as outlined by Oscar Ichazo, and an example of an Enneagram 3 in media: Mad Men’s Don Draper. As bonus content, Elliot included two more Enneagram 3 names that he came across after the podcast: “Inspirer” and “Motivator.”

This one is up for debate! What is your favorite type name for Enneagram 3?

*Except from the podcast Best Enneagram Type Names | Talkin’ Truth Ep. 1