Enneagram Type Fives are commonly referred to as Investigators, Observers, and Analysts.

In this video, Brett and Elliot discuss their favorite archetypal names for Type 5, both agreeing that “Observer” best encapsulates the essence of Enneagram point 5.

To Brett, “Observer” best describes the tendency of Fives to be lonely, detached, isolated, and avoidant of action.

While, to Elliot, “Observer” more naturally allows for a discussion of the deeper spiritual themes of point 5: Buddhism and meditation (“witnessing,” “being aware of awareness”), as well as the David Deida and Indian/Hindu classification of masculine essence as Shiva or pure, unmoving consciousness in contrast to the dynamic feminine, Shakti.

*Except from the podcast Best Enneagram Type Names | Talkin’ Truth Ep. 1