Enneagram 1 Reformer core desire integrity and virtuous, lady justice
Enneagram 2 Helper core desire to feel appreciated and love, hands holding heart
Enneagram 3 Achiever Performer core desire recognized and valuable, ladder of success reaching for stars
Enneagram 4 Alchemist Aesthete Individualist Romantic core desire, unique orange butterfly standing out from blue butterflies
Enneagram 5 Observer core desire to have knowledge competence and prevent overwhelm, stack of books
Hand stopping dominoes from falling risk. Enneagram 6 Loyalist Questioner core desire for safety security support guidance
Child jumping for joy at the beach. Enneagram 7 Enthusiast core desire to be satisfied, content, and have freedom of choice.
Hand punching through obstacles. Enneagram 8 Challenger Leader Boss core desire control, power and strength, self-reliance.
Zen rock balance on peaceful water. Enneagram 9 Peacemaker mediator core desire harmony, stability, peace and union.