Oftentimes you’ll read about the Enneagram types as a list of traits and behaviors, but what does it feel like to interact with each of the types? 

In this captivating episode with the “Enneagram Observers,” Elliot and Brett will take you on a journey filled with humorous and insightful stories, using clever similes to capture the unique “vibe” of each Enneagram type. 

Their goal is to bridge the gap between theory and experience, bringing the Enneagram out of the book and into your everyday life.

Throughout this episode you’ll learn to recognize the Enneagram types intuitively, allowing you to build positive connections with the people you meet built upon a deeper understanding of them. You’ll also learn how to recognize unhealthy versions of the types, and develop strategies for dealing with challenges that may arise. 

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00:00 Episode Intro:

  • 8s have the same energy as “a friendly headlock” …. 9s feel like “fishing with my grandpa”

 06:19 – Type 2 

  • “a long hug” / “a home cooked meal”

12:00 – Type 4

  • “a poem” / “a journal”

19:17 – Type 1

  • “an alarm clock” / “a minefield” / “a ballon about to pop” (with School of Rock movie clip) / “a well organized file cabinent”

30:28 – Type 7

  • “a day at the amusement park”

34:26 – Type 3

  • “a plan top hop over a fence” / “a high school friend” / “a sleazy car salesman” 

39:27 – Type 6

  • “a list of precautions” / “a dog” 

46:33 – Type 5

  • “the Discovery Channel” / “an encyclopedia” 

52:22 – Type 9

  • “a friend from the HR Department” / “fishing with my grandpa” 

57:59 – Type 8

  • “a friendly headlock” (with Modern Family TV clip / “a deep tissue massage”