You only get one chance to make a first impression, and for many people, archetypal names like the Peacemaker, Challenger, and Loyalist serve as their initial introduction to the Enneagram. These names carry specific connotations and evoke preconceptions that can have long-lasting effects on how people perceive, understand, and relate to the Enneagram. Whether you are already familiar with the type names or not, you will undoubtedly gain a deeper understanding of the types and yourself as you join the Enneagram Observers, Elliot Killian and Brett Benka, in a thorough and illuminating discussion about the best archetypal names for each Enneagram point.


00:00:00 – Why is this topic important?

00:01:35 – Drawbacks of type names

00:03:15 – Benefits of type names

00:04:39 – What makes a good type name?

00:12:42 – Where do the popular Enneagram names come from? (Sources) 

00:18:57 – Type 1 (The Reformer, The Perfectionist, The Critic, The Puritan, the Achiever)

  • For the Type 1 podcast excerpt + additional commentary, check out this YouTube video.

00:30:39 – Type 2 (The Helper, The Giver, The Lover)

  • For the Type 2 podcast excerpt + additional commentary, check out this YouTube video. 

00:34:17 – Type 3 (The Achiever, The Performer, The Succeeder) 

00:41:07 – Type 4 (The Individualist, The Romantic, The Aesthete, The Alchemist) 

00:51:01 – Type 5 (The Investigator, The Observer, The Analyst)

00:58:39 – Type 6 (The Loyalist, The Loyal Skeptic, The Pessimist, The Questioner, The Guardian)

01:07:06 – Type 7 (The Enthusiast, The Epicure, The Optimist, The Dreamer) 

01:11:36 – Type 8 (The Challenger, The Protector, The Trail-Blazer, The Boss, The Confronter)

01:18:13 – Type 9 (The Peacemaker, The Mediator, The Connector, The Preservationist, The Harmonizer)