Talkin’ Truth w/ an Enneagram 8: Leadership: Finding Balance Between Ambition and Empathy

(Show Notes)

Eights can have a reputation for being assholes, but they can also be caring, thoughtful leaders who make things happen and bring out the best in everyone around them.

Today we discuss leadership, learning, and music with a good Enneagram 8 friend and former bandmate, exploring how to find balance between ambition, drive, fun, and empathy.

Topics covered:

  • Are Enneagram 8s really one of the rarest types?
  • When pranks go too far: How aware are you that you’re testing, provoking, or challenging people?
  • Enneagram 8, 6, and 5 work dynamics: What each type can learn from the others.
  • Acceptance: What things do you want to control, and what don’t you want to control?
  • An 8 motto to live by: What it means to be “self-made.”

*This is the second installment of interviews with members of a former band of mine. For the first episode, listen/watch the prior episode: ‘Talkin’ Truth w/ an Enneagram 6: Death, Family, Work, Relationships, Religion (Ep3).’

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1:  Enneagram Basics / Are Type 8s Actually Rare?

Q: “What does being a type 8 mean to you?”

A: “Stubborn, strong willed…maybe we’ll get into this, arrogance, or some type of cockiness…persistence”

00:00:00 – Episode Trailer

00:01:14 – Episode Intro

00:01:58 – Enneagram Basics and Allen’s Familiarity

00:07:28 – Why haven’t you explored the Enneagram more?

00:10:49 – Are Enneagram 8s a rare type?

2: Provoking, Challenging and Testing others. When does it cross the line?

“Over the past few years, looking back and going hey, “Hey, just cause I flipped your hat doesn’t mean you like it…even though my intent isn’t to be dominant or anything…”

00:16:42 – Provoking, Challenging and Testing others. When does it cross the line?

3:  Leading a Band: Balancing Ambition, Fun, and Empathy

“How can I get this across to other people? Do those other people have the same drive and ambition to take that to the next level?”

00:29:15 – Going into Business with your Friends (8w7 vibes)

00:34:35 – On being a Band Leader…

00:38:08 – Going from Drummer to Band Leader (Milwaukee Music Scene)

00:43:06 – Getting started in music at a young age

00:45:31 – The Power of Music (8w9 vibes)

00:46:16 – Determination, Hard Work

00:49:07 – Leadership, Drive, Ambition, Accountability

00:51:57 – Music, Helping / Having an effect on others

00:53:47 – Balancing Hard Work, Accountability and Fun

4:  8-6-5 Work Dynamics: What can the types learn from one another?

“Empathy, right? ..We all come in here having this goal and we want to put the drive in. But as we’re trying to put that drive in, there’s hiccups along the way, right?..”

00:59:40 – Lessons learnt from Co-Managing the band with a 6 (Empathy)

01:05:05 – 8 Leadership with 5 and 2 Integrated

01:08:58 – 8 and 5 Work Dynamics

01:13:02 – What Enneagram 5s can learn from 8s

01:17:07 – What Enneagram 8s can learn from working with 5s

01:22:15 – Acceptance: letting go of the need to always control

5:  Self-Made: an 8 Motto to live by

“You are what you make yourself successful at…only you can make yourself successful”

01:25:39 – Future Podcast? Enneagram 3 and 8 in Relationship

01:27:33 – an Enneagram 8’s motto to live by…