We took an Enneagram Test so you don’t have to… (Talkin’ Truth Ep. 5)

(Show Notes)

Are Enneagram tests valid and should you bother taking them?

Enneagram tests remain popular, yet many Enneagram teachers and coaches don’t recommend them. Many tests that were once free, now charge a fee for results, so it’s time to more critically assess what, if any, role they can play in the Enneagram journey.

In this episode Brett and I go through one of the most popular Enneagram tests, scrutinizing each question to assess the reliability and validity of the test.

This episode also provides insights in common Enneagram mistypings as each question we disagree on sparks a dialogue about the similarities and crucial differences amongst Enneagram types that are frequently misidentified with one another.

Regardless of a test’s validity, we conclude by discussing why you shouldn’t rely on tests (or perhaps even take them at all), and outline a better approach to figuring out your type and transforming through the Enneagram.

Enneagram Test that we assessed: https://enneagram-personality.com/en

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1) Episode Introduction and Goals

“At least if we can agree that the questions point to a specific type, then there’s there’s some measure of validity to this test”

00:00:00 – Episode Trailer

00:01:13 – Where did all the free Enneagram Tests go?

00:03:57 – Why This Episode? Enneagram Mistypes

00:05:27 – Are Enneagram Tests Valid?

  • test validity, inter-rater reliability 
  • what makes a good vs bad test question

2: Testing the Enneagram Test / Critiquing Questions

“You could make the case for several types…it’s a bad question”

00:10:47 – Start taking the Enneagram Test

00:12:35 – Debate 1 (4,5,9) lose self in dreams and fantasies

00:15:50 – Debate 2 (4 vs 9 listening and patience

00:18:24 – Debate 3 (1 vs 6) detect errors to the last detail

00:19:58 – Debate 4 (A 9 question?)

00:21:08 – Debate 5 (1 vs 6) planning vs improvising

00:23:15 – Debate 6 (5 vs 9) quieter than most

00:24:57 – Critiquing shallow Enneagram Type 2 Questions

00:26:27 – Debate 7 (4 vs 9) merging

00:27:37 – Debate 8 (8 vs 1) personal code of honor

00:29:10 – Tommy Shelby, (Peaky Blinders) Enneagram 8 tangent 0

0:30:38 – Debate 9 (2 vs 3) please and seduce others

00:32:06 – Debate 10 (7 vs 9) enjoy most things in life

00:33:08 – Yet another type of person Brett doesn’t like (Image Conscious Hippies and Life Coaches)

00:35:05 – Debate 11 (3?) personable, adapt to new people

00:36:14 – Debate 12 (3 vs 7) seeing the positive

00:38:08 – Debate 13 (1 vs 5) regulate emotions and impulses

00:40:00 – Debate 14 (6 vs 8) confront others to bring out the truths

00:42:11 – Debate 15 (4,5,9) I need a lot of alone time to unwind

00:42:56 – Debate 16 (8 vs counterphobic 6) loyalty and vengeance

3:  The Results Are In

At the end of the day, you’ve got people who don’t really understand the system, but they just know “I don’t want to be my type anymore”…that’s one of the problems with tests

00:44:06 – Test Background and Type Distributions (most common/rare Enneagram types)

00:45:56 – The problem with taking the test if you’re already familiar with the Enneagram

00:47:10 – How many questions we had issues with 

00:47:53 – The anatomy of a bad test question

00:48:58 – Why you shouldn’t bother with Enneagram tests even if they are “valid”

00:50:16 – Self-Absorbed Personality Test Culture

00:53:31 – Identifying with your type vs using the Enneagram to break patterns of identification

00:56:31 – Self-awareness and test taker honesty

00:57:54 – The problem with “figuring out your type” via a test

00:59:23 – Enneagram types vs Astrology signs

01:00:46 – Denial, not liking your Type

01:05:43 – Struggle and Confusion is an important part of figuring out your type

01:08:14 – Introspection and Improvisation / learning the “right”, transformative way