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Welcome to “Talkin’ Truth,” a riveting exploration of the human experience through the Enneagram, a powerful, mystical symbol. Through captivating storytelling, thought-provoking interviews, heartfelt discussions, and poignant analysis, “Talkin’ Truth” will uncover the motivations, fears and desires that shape our perspectives, and the stories and values that guide our lives, relating them back to the nine simple archetypal patterns symbolized on the Enneagram. It will empower you to understand the world around you, uncover pathways to freedom, and manifest a life of peace, love, and joy. Subscribe on YouTube @elliotkillian for the video podcast plus clips and further analysis expanding on the themes from podcast discussions.

Enneagram Observers w/ Brett Benka

Join Elliot and Brett in detailed discussions of Enneagram theory and concepts, and analysis of the 9 types.

Are Enneagram Tests free, accurate, worth it. No!

We took an Enneagram Test so you don't have to... | Ep. 5

Are Enneagram tests valid and should you bother taking them?

Enneagram tests remain popular, yet many Enneagram teachers and coaches don’t recommend them. Many tests that were once free..

Enneagram Type Vibes

Enneagram VIBES: What does each Type "FEEL" like? | Ep. 2

In this episode Elliot and Brett will take you on a journey filled with humorous and insightful stories, using clever similes to capture the unique “vibe” of each Enneagram type. 

Talkin Truth Podcast Best Enneagram Type Names

Best Enneagram Type Names | Ep. 1

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and for many people, archetypal names like the Peacemaker, Challenger, and Loyalist serve as their initial introduction to the Enneagram…

Type Interviews

In these episodes, I interview good friends of mine—some who are familiar with the Enneagram and others who are not. Despite these differences in Enneagram familiarity, each episode nonetheless profoundly displays the perspectives and motivations of each type, revealing truths about how the essence of each Enneagram type comes to life.

Enneagram misidentifying, type two, type one

Enneagram 1w2 or 2w1? Misidentifying

In this episode of Talkin’ Truth, I interview a friend, bandmate, and behavioral health therapist Holly, aiming to resolve a long-standing, lighthearted disagreement we’ve had over whether she is a 2w1 or a 1w2.

Talking Truth Elliot Killian Enneagram 8 Ambition, Leadership, Empathy

Talkin’ Truth w/ an Enneagram 8: Leadership, Balancing Ambition and Empathy | Ep.4

Eights can have a reputation for being assholes, but they can also be caring, thoughtful leaders who make things happen and bring out the best in everyone around them.

Talkin' Truth Enneagram 6 Podcast Chris Elliot Killian

Talkin’ Truth w/ an Enneagram 6: Death, Family, Work, Relationships, Religion | Ep. 3

From love of family and community, to calculated risks, to the fear of death; it’s all here in this deep dive conversation with my friend, bandmate, and Enneagram 6 Chris.