While simple in design, the Enneagram, a nine-pointed circle, is profound in the depths that it enables one to explore. Some view the Enneagram as merely one of many novel personality systems; however, in my experience, it is a complete map of the fundamental motives and energies that make us human.

Because it describes motivation at the root level of the psyche (fear and desire) and explains experience to such an encompassing degree, the applications of the Enneagram are endless, yet include:

    Behavioral change and habit formation


    Exploring limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs

    Navigating a spiritual awakening

    Healing pain, emotional trauma, childhood wounds, and familial patterns

    Deepening intimate relationships

    Self-worth; balancing self-improvement and self-acceptance

    Dissolving blocks to manifestation

    Unlocking creative and artistic expression

    Leadership, work dynamics, and relating to others

    Unraveling social conditioning and political, spiritual, and religious belief systems

    Letting go of what no longer serves

    Clarifying life purpose and mission

    Work With Me

    Whatever your goal or desired focus for a session is, my gift lies in assisting you to take a step back from the personal ‘stickiness’ of a situation, allowing you to see the bigger picture of what’s really going on from a higher, universal perspective. 

    This approach enables you to recognize the timeless archetypal patterns and drives that underlie our personal experiences, empowering you to take decisive action with a clearer perspective and a sense of lightness, courage, and peace.

    Whether you are looking to figure out your type or want to delve deep into the esoteric dimensions of the Enneagram, I’m happy to show you the ways this powerful symbol can enliven and enrich your life.

    Elliot Killian Work with Me
    Archetypes of the Enneagram, Elliot Killian